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Red Sox Haikus

Yeah, I know, It's been a while since I've updated all the Haiku results.... and I apologize. I have no excuse other than see below!!! Anyway, speaking of below... please remember to comment on your favorite Haiku(s) below...

Fat guy next to me
Spills my beer everywhere
I love the bleachers

Sammy Tarnauskas
Reminds me of Pedroia
how awesome is that?

Driving on the Pike,
I can now smell the street meat
Sox are upon us

Won the Series.....
What have the sox done for me?
my FREE furniture......

Doree knows baseball
but a haiku about it?
yes, she will strikeout.

Baseball, shmaseball, hmph
This will never be posted
Why should I bother

matsuzakah shirt
helped red sox win in tok'yo
fenway is waiting

Flying to Japan
will not save them from New York.
Long live the Yankees.

Vote in the comments below!

Next Haiku topic... my excuse... please right a Haiku about why it's taken me so long to post all these submissions... Send them to haiku @T j0shua D0T com. Try to translate that spammers!


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I'd like to enter one anti-vote for Sam's.

sam sux, he should be removed from the haiku league

I'm not even going to vote for myself. Frankly, I was surprised Josh posted it. My vote goes to Doree for her Pedroia haiku.

sam sux, he should be removed from the haiku league.Act now to get huge savings for Cheap DVDs for Sale for the hottest DVDs.

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