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kl.jpgI am trying out a tool that let's you add/edit Moveable Type entries from a separate application called Kung-Log. Some of the appealing features include off-line editing for later posting, recent entry review and editing, and an ability to blog what's currently playing in iTunes. It's Sunday morning in NYC and we're listening to a little Nanci with our coffee. I'd give the program 4 out of 5 stars.

I wish it could handle uploading of graphics or inclusion of graphic elements - I also which it would remember where you're saving entries locally because each time you have re-locate local OS X directory. Also, I found a weird bug which I'll report: If you edit an entry and than cmd-Q to quit, it does the normal request of asking you if you want to save before you quit, but when you say yes, it quits anway. Doh! All that being said, I really like the program and want continued development and upgrades... so I'm donating!