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So, here's how to get

So, here's how to get Blogger working with Safari... it turns out it actually works just fine but Blogger doesn't even bother letting it try cause it thinks it's no compatable because it's not MSFT's IE... so just turn on the Safari Debugger Hidden Menu. To do it, download the cool utilities from ScifienceStudios or just type "/Volumes/Safari\ Toolkit/Enable\ Debug\ Menu.sh" in the Terminal window. Now when you launch Safari, you will see a "Debug" menu at the end of the menu bar. Choose Debug/User Agent/Mac MSIE 5.2.2 and Blogger will think you're running IE and all will be well in the world! I don't think it's perfect (upload file in Blogger Pro seems a bit wacked) but certainly better than not working at all! Thanks to Bryan Bell for the cool graphic!